Duda Melzer the President and Chairperson of the RBS group.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or Duda Melzer, as he is commonly known is a graduate of the Rio Grande do Sul Pontifical Catholic University. He studied business administration. He also holds an MBA from Harvard.
He is among the most prominent business persons in Brazil. Duda has been working on bringing retail business to his home country dating back to the 90s. There was not much retail business going on in Brazil during the 90s. Many citizens can spend a lot of money in retail stores. It was an important venture pursued by Melzer for the business world in his country.
Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer joined the RBS group in 2004. Back then he was the Director General for domestic market accounts. In 2008 he was promoted to the position of Vice President of the Marketing and Business Development. He served in this docket until 2010 when he received another promotion to be the Executive Vice President of the RBS group. In 2012 he became the CEO of this company.
On January 1st, 2016, Duda Melzer was promoted to occupy the docket of the chairmanship. Perhaps, he was also the chief executive officer of the RBS group too. He has always used his position in the company to improve retail stores in his country. RBS is in control of the jobs the retail stores bring along. Mr. Melzer has a lot of experience in this industry; he will be a great asset to the RBS Company.
Melzer has worked with the Brazilian financial market. During his time there, he worked on projects with organizations like Booz Allen & Hamilton and Sweet Sweet Way. On the international level, Duda has worked as a high-ranking analyst in the Delphi Corporation and also as a CEO for Top Box Media in the USA. Because of his excellent performance in finance, Duda Melzer has addressed many forums nationally and internationally. Some of the forums he has dealt with include the Brazilian Association of Advertisers, World Association of Newspapers, Brazilian Association of Human Resource, and the Institute of Business Studies.

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Duda Melzer assume posição de Nelson Sirotsky na direção do Grupo RBS

Goettl Supports Veterans Education


Local air conditioning business owner Ken Goodrich is being recognized for the support that he and Goettl Air Conditioning have offered a Navy veteran as he transitions to civilian life. Everyone knows how hard it can be to afford education and tech skills in order to gain employment, so to help the vet, the company rewarded him with a Veteran sponsored scholarship that could be applied to his training.

Nick Hughes chose to pursue a career program that would allow him to work as an HVAC technician, and receiving the award was a huge help in covering the financial costs of a two year program. Hughes attended the College of Southern Nevada to complete the program and is very grateful to the company sponsorship which allowed him to focus on learning the necessary skills needed to be successful in his chosen career.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a commercial and residential business in the Phoenix area, with ties in the community that go back for generations. Started in 1939, the business has grown and added services to its lineup of reputable and trusted services. Ranging from installation to repair, the heating and air conditioning business is dedicated to offering a full service package for any home or business that needs HVAC maintenance.

When it comes to Goettl, customer service, loyalty, and trusted service is what it offers all of its clients. Not only are they concerned with the healthy growth of their business, but they are aware of and interested in the community, its members, and its continued success. Through excellent and comprehensive training, experience, and managed oversight, the company is best able to offer the most satisfactory service possible within the industry. Phoenix residents have been turning to the many service centers for all of their air conditioning needs, and its all due to the legacy the company has built for itself.

With the tools and know how, Hughes is now able to graduate from the program, and immediately begin looking for employment. Knowing that there is a community behind him that supports his success is important to Hughes, and the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award played a huge role in that. Hughes told PR Newswire that the transition into his new life outside of the Navy is now so much smoother and financially bright.

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Desiree Perez Helps Tidal Gain Composure

People were excited about Tidal when this streaming service surfaced. It was a thrill to see artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Madonna, Usher, Alicia Keys and more come together all for the sake of single music streaming service. It was something that showed a new concept where artists would get paid the appropriate compensation for the streaming of their music. This was the intention of the primary investor – Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter – and the idea seems like a good one. There was a small problem with that though. There was competition, and the competition was fierce.

Tidal may have been the first music streaming service that was controlled by the artists on http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=299940, but it was not the first music streaming service in general. Pandora was already established. Spotify was on the verge of becoming a music streaming juggernaut. It might be safe to say that this company surfaced during a time when the barriers to entry were higher than ever before. It also did not help to have a management team where two chief executive officers left in the course of two years. The company seemed to be destined for an unfortunate path to disaster, but Jay-Z had the insight to hire Desiree Perez. She would prove to be the force that would help Tidal gain strength and pull in more registered users.

What Dez Perez has managed to do is bring forth some big business deals with marketing and promotion. She knows how to implement the strategies that have made people come to Tidal. This has been done with the exclusive releases of albums through the Tidal app. There are people that are signing up because the roster that is linked to Tidal is connected to the big names.

Beyonce dropped an exclusive release here. Kanye West dropped an exclusive app. There are even exclusive videos that are linked to the title app. That is what Desiree Perez is orchestrating in the background. She has the mindset to get the Tidal app noticed. Even when it seems like there was no room for this company, Perez stepped in and made Tidal a force to be reckoned with. That shows her marketing genius, but it also shows something else: excellent leadership from Jay-Z.

Jay-Z knew that there would be some challenges with this app, but he invested close to $50 million in the business anyway. He believed in his vision. 

Ken Goodrich Starts A Scholarship For Military Veterans Entering The HVAC Industry

I was recently reading about the impressive skills of Ken Goodrich, the new owner of the Goettl Air Conditioning brand who has been looking to use his experience to provide assistance for those looking to become HVAC professionals in the future. PR Newswire explains how Goodrich has been sponsoring a number of programs designed to aid new entrants to the HVAC industry studying at the College of Southern Nevada; Goodrich has now established an annual scholarship to aid a military veteran graduating from the College of Southern Nevada with $1,000 worth of tools to help them get a head start in the industry.

Goettl is a brand I have known and trusted throughout the majority of my life, which places me in a similar situation to Ken Goodrich, who has discussed his history learning the industry with his father on Goettl machines on numerous occasions. Goettl now provides service and repair options across the majority of Arizona and has now returned to Nevada with a new office opening in Las Vegas.

Over the last few months I have read a large amount of information about Ken Goodrich and his history as a HVAC professional that began at the age of 10 when his father began teaching him the skills needed to be an expert in HVAC repair. I heard about Ken Goodrich buying the Goettl brand in 2013 and hoped he would return the brand to its former glories, which he has been moving towards in recent months.

I understand the thought process of Ken Goodrich when he explains the difficulties an individual has when entering the HVAC industry because of expensive tools, and low quality used tools often supplied when joining a new company. Goodrich is giving $1,000 to a graduating veteran to buy tools that will make their transition to working life as simple as possible.

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Sanjay Shah’s Campaign against Autism through Autism Rocks.

Eric Dye recently interviewed Sanjay Shah on the Enterprise Radio, which is maintained by the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network. The show gives entrepreneurs a chance to get business advice, inspiration, knowledge, and live broadcasts with successful business persons from all parts of the world. Mr. Shah enlightened the listeners on Autism Rocks, which he founded in 2014, it’s coming events, and how people can make their businesses successful.

Sanjay Shah is a United Kingdom-based business magnet, and he is popular for his philanthropy. He formed the Autism Rocks, which has been striving to raise money to fund research on autism and educate people across the globe about the neurodevelopmental disorder. He was inspired to start the organization to help children across the world after his son was diagnosed to be suffering from the condition in 2011.

The Autism Rocks charity raises funds by hosting concerts in different parts of the world with help from famous musicians. The notion of using gigs to raise money came from Snoop Dogg in the middle of a conversation with Sanjay. The organization has hosted many events so far, and its first was in 2014. The late music star Prince was invited to perform at the debut Autism Rocks concert. The foundation has also worked with other celebrities such as Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Buble.
The autism condition changes an individual’s life completely, and it is, therefore, necessary to invest a lot of time and money to conduct research on the disease. Children who are affected by the disability portray characteristics such has having problems in socializing with people and lack of proper communication skills. About two percent of children in the world are affected by autism every year, and the recorded number of juveniles who have been diagnosed with the problem has risen by about 30 percent since 2012.

The 2016 Autism Rocks is anticipated to have a lot of fun activities, and it is, therefore, a family event. Musicians who have been invited to perform at the event include Tyga and Florida among others. Information about the concert and other future gigs can be found on the Autism Rock’s official website. Sanjay’s wife has also given personal donations to help in the research on autism. Mr. Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital, which is a stock brokerage firm and has its principal offices in London. He owns a couple of other business in various regions of the world.


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Keith Mann and His Company Raise 22,000 For Schools

Keith Mann is the current CEO and Founder of Dynamics Search Partners. He founded the company in 2009 and it works with firms by helping them find qualified and talented candidates to work for their companies. Keith Mann has been in this field of business for over 15 years. His company is one of the largest in the hedge fund industry.

Mann and his company held a fundraiser at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in order to benefit Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is a chain of charter schools across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. The charter schools are in urban areas and their mission is to prepare traditionally underfunded students for college and university futures.

Mann and Dynamics Search Partners started working with Uncommon Schools in 2013. Mann talked of meeting with students and sitting in on classes. He talked about how inspiring it was to see students so motivated to enter college and ready themselves for their future internships and careers. Mann’s inspiration by seeing these hard working students lead him to be excited in working with these students in the future.

The fundraiser where members of the financial services community rallied together raised 22,000 dollars for the charter schools which will be used to pay for the student’s yearly testing. Previously, Dynamics Search Partners had donated 10,000 dollars to the charter schools to fund their student PSAT and AP testing for the year. Students at the Uncommon Schools tend to perform incredibly well, and Mann and his financial company share values with the schools in creating high achieving students.

Check out his Wiki page here.

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

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Keith and Keely Create New Scholarship Opportunity


Highland Capital Moves into Argentina

Highland Capital Management is on the verge of buying the fund in the amount of $12 billion that is going to be invested in the international bond markets next month by none other than Argentina. It’s co-founder and President James Dondero is all set to snap up this huge amount of the securities. Currently, Highland Capital Management that is based on Dallas oversees more than $19 billion in funds including credit hedge and emerging market credit funds. The firm is also the biggest holder of the country’s more than $4 billion notes that will be due in 2033.

Highland Capital Management is planning to invest in these funds which will prove as a boon to Argentina and relieve itself from a huge debt that has been piling up so that it would be able to pay for settlements with many major holdout creditors led by Paul Singer, a well-known billionaire. The distressed debt investors who are being customers of the funds will remain as buyers of the country’s debt irrespective of the situation, according to a recent report. Nevertheless, Dondero and his firm plan to buy some of the new issuance in the coming months. His firm has been optimistic on the price of debt that Argentina is likely to trade compared to other Latin American sovereigns.

Highland Capital Management is going to be one of the biggest winners the moment the ban preventing Argentina from paying its restructured debt is lifted. The 2033 bonds were purchased in June 2014 and with the current rise in value, Highland Capital Management has been able to earn a return of close to 20 percent, says James Dondero who has been in this business for more than 30 years. This profit has already offset any losses that were created from previous investments in the energy sector. Comparing with the average return of 3.3 percent in the emerging market debt, this profit is substantially huge. James is very confident of the potential of his future investments and plans to pursue investment opportunities beyond sovereign debt as well. In addition, many holders like Highland Capital Management have shown keen interest in investment like defaulted debt, according to Jane Brauer and Sebastian Rondeau, the two analysts at Bank of America Corp. The new bonds are seen as the best asset that would have potential upside to the firm compared to the nation’s alternative assets.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Purchases Moore Air Conditioning and Heating

The leading Air Conditioning contractor in the Las Vegas Valley, Goettl Air Conditioning announced recently that it is acquiring Moore Air Conditioning and Heating. The merger of the two air conditioning contractors will bring more than 100 jobs to Las Vegas during the next 12 months.

Moore Air Conditioning and Heating, with offices in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin, is a household name in the region for the past 50 years. Goettl Air Conditioning CEO Kenneth Goodrich, commenting about the acquisition, “This acquisition continues to enable Goettl’s Air Conditioning commitment to provide our customers the best technicians in the industry,” “The addition of Moore’s Air Conditioning and Heating team of highly experienced climate control specialists enhances Goettl‘s ability to continue to grow and provide the highest quality air conditioning services to the Las Vegas Valley.”

The acquisition makes Goettl’s Air Conditioning the preeminent air conditioning contractor in the Las Vegas marketplace. Goettl’s projects their business to expand nearly 50% in2017 as a result of the staff increasing by 100 new and merger acquisition employees.

Trained and educated, Goettl technicians graduate from the College of Southern Nevada Air Condition Technology program. The technology program is the vision of Goodrich, which helps veterans locate HVAC job opportunities after their commitment to the military has expired.

Moore Air Conditioning and Heating president William Moore, commenting on the pending acquisition by Goettl, “I look forward to Goettl continuing the legacy of providing superior residential services that we built in this market, the leadership team at Goettl and I share a lot of mutual respect for each other.”

Goettl Air Conditioning president Kenneth Goodrich purchased the pioneer air conditioning firm in 2013, after the firm closed its doors in Las Vegas, after nearly 70 years.Information on Goettl Air Conditioning is available at http://www.goettl.com/

Veteran Awarded the Coveted Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award by Goettl Air Conditioning

I was intrigued when I first heard about the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award. I learned that the Award aids veterans entering the HVAC industry by supplying them with $1,000 worth of essential tools. This helps tremendously because the veterans would otherwise be forced to buy these necessities themselves without such an endowment.

I discovered that Ken Goodrich is the sponsor of the Award and owner of Goettl Air Conditioning. He has found over the course of career that military personnel often become excellent employees as a direct result of the skills they learned through the armed forces. I agree with his assessment as I have discovered this to be true about the military servicemen (and women) that I have had the pleasure of working with in my own career. I was relieved to see that the Award will be given out annually rather than being just a one-time event and it is currently in its second year.

I learned that the current winner of the Award is Nick Hughes. His career included seven years of service in the Navy as a cook and will imminently graduate from a two-year technical education in the applied science in air conditioning technology program. I was not surprised at all to discover that Mr. Goodrich also generously sponsors the “Son of a Gun” Scholarship which is awarded to a current student of a multiple generation family in the air-conditioning industry.

I like that Goettl Air Conditioning has a long track-record of quality service since it has been in business since 1939. Goettl specializes in providing air-conditioning, heating, indoor air quality augmentation, and energy-efficiency-maximizing technologies for both residential and commercial clients. Mr. Goodrich acquired the company a few years ago and has since opened a satellite branch in the Las Vegas area. Goettl serves customers in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and throughout southern California areas according to its LinkedIn profile. I can see according Goettl’s CrunchBase profile that the company is active on both Facebook and Twitter.

I believe that it is important to do business only with companies that have a great reputation and was not surprised at all to see that that Goettl Air Conditioning has a stellar one. I can tell that Mr. Goodrich is committed to continuing the positive legacy that Goettl is know for by reviewing all of the positive reviews the company has been awarded by Facebook fans. Upon performing a search on the Better Business Bureau’s website I was pleased to discover that Goettl enjoys an A+ rating which is the highest possible score. I am impressed to see the quality of Goettl’s products as evidenced by this YouTube video which demonstrates a Goettl heat pump working quite well even after 25 years of service.

How To Fix A Bad Online Reputation: The Key to Online Success

source: Why Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management

The internet, a veritable highway of information. From getting the latest weather forecast to even reading news reports written across entire oceans,the internet has become the keystone responsible for shaping our modern society as a whole. From its inception, millions have come to rely and trust in the information found on its many various search engines, and now most common in the reviews and posts written by the billions of people who live around the world. Now businesses expand their horizons, investing in the latest technologies advertising their product by creating websites to incite interest in their particular brand.

This one aspect can make or break a company. With 68% of customers placing their trust in online reviews and 86% reportedly heavily influenced by even one negative comment, businesses are finding it necessary to hire what are known as Online Reputation Managers. Whether it is the fiery comment left by a precocious critic or a sudden outbreak of unhappy reviews, these devoted professionals ensure positive representation of any business, allowing them the security to know that they need not fear even against even the most ardent reviewer.

One such internet reputation repair company is simply dubbed The Search Fixers.

The Search Fixers give their customers a personalized friendly experience as they assist in online reputation management. With their online reputation repair services, they treat you with respect, and teach you how to properly maintain your website to ensure future success. The Search Fixers focus on not only making your website to be the asset you need, they focus on repairing any past damage brought on by an irate customer.

The Search Fixers are a specialized group of reputation management consultants who takes the time to go through every post to effectively scrub away the negative and replace it with glowing reviews. Whether you are just starting out, your website fresh off the block or you have been around a while, The Search Fixers can take any website giving it the makeover you’ve been hoping for that will not only increase business, but help erase the pains of yesterday. In a modern society where technology is evolving by the minute, businesses cannot afford to fall behind and allow their websites to suffer, that is why they rely on a reputation management service like The Search Fixers as allies in the Twenty-First Century.