Samuel Strauch Describes Some Top Suburbs in the USA for Millenials

Samuel Strauch is a real estate manager and investor who works at Metrik Real Estate. Mr. Strauch studied business, finance and management at Hofstra, Harvard and Erasmus universities. He is the primary principal at Metrik Real Estate, which manages properties in Florida and abroad in Central and South America.

On May 19th, Norcal.News published an article by Samuel Strauch where he detailed some of the United States’ best suburban communities to live in for young couples and professionals. His article included a top ten list of suburban communities. Some of the notable suburban communities were found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the San Jose, California area. Below is a brief synopsis of Strauch’s description of some of these top suburban communities. Via Twitter.

Samuel Strauch says that Dallas, Texas has an average home price of just over half a million dollars. He says that this relatively high cost of home ownership is making many young couples think that they may be better of settling down in a different city or metro area. Samuel Strauch says that if home prices in Dallas are too high for you, you can consider moving to a suburb of Dallas called Wylie. This community has home prices that are over a quarter less expensive than in Dallas. Plus, Wylie is to easy to commute from, has low crime and is a peaceful suburban neighborhood without the noise of a big city. Click here to know more.

San Jose is one of the most expensive cities to own a home in. The average going price for a home these days is well over a million dollars. Many young people in the market to buy a home are instead looking elsewhere. One of the top choices for young professionals is a town called Milpitas. Its average home price is closer to $850,000. With mass transit and more housing on the way, Milpitas looking like an up and coming and more affordable housing option.

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