Adam Goldenberg Gives Customers a Better Online Shopping Experience

Adam Goldenberg got a name that many women will recognize right off the bat. He is much more of a personality that it’s recognized in the business world for all of the concepts in eCommerce that he has done to make life easier for women. Goldenberg is one of the co-founders behind JustFab and this company has the same business model called for another company called Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg has a knack for selling clothing to women on People that say this would be right in this assumption, but this is not the only thing that he has managed to lure female customers with. Before he was in the business of selling clothing to women Adam Goldenberg was also a person that was able to market and sell skin care products to women. This is something that he was able to do through a company he had called Intelligent Beauty on That was the early time in his career, but he was still had a customer base that allowed him to make millions. This was the early stage of a career for Adam Goldenberg in eCommerce, but it appears that he is even taking more risk for acquiring customers offline.

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Adam Goldenberg has always built his core base of customers through the internet. This is where he has been able to shine the brightest and actually build a slew of companies that together are worth over a billion dollars. He knows that he has a good amount of customers that are going to appreciate what he is doing, but he wants to become acquainted with the other crowd of consumers that do not know about his business at It has taken a very long time for Adam Goldenberg to get to the place where he is in the business world. He knows that his online Market is valuable, but he is working diligently with Kate Hudson to acquire more customers to take interest in an offline brick and mortar store. This is what he is doing with Fabletics, and he hopes that there are lots of people in place to patronize the business that he is trying to transition with the community of customers that shop offline.

Adam Goldenberg has been able to become an effective entrepreneur because he is aware of what it takes to market to women. He knows how to acquire customers because he has built several businesses with similar blueprints.

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