Adam Goldenberg Gives Customers a Better Online Shopping Experience

Adam Goldenberg got a name that many women will recognize right off the bat. He is much more of a personality that it’s recognized in the business world for all of the concepts in eCommerce that he has done to make life easier for women. Goldenberg is one of the co-founders behind JustFab and this company has the same business model called for another company called Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg has a knack for selling clothing to women on People that say this would be right in this assumption, but this is not the only thing that he has managed to lure female customers with. Before he was in the business of selling clothing to women Adam Goldenberg was also a person that was able to market and sell skin care products to women. This is something that he was able to do through a company he had called Intelligent Beauty on That was the early time in his career, but he was still had a customer base that allowed him to make millions. This was the early stage of a career for Adam Goldenberg in eCommerce, but it appears that he is even taking more risk for acquiring customers offline.

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Adam Goldenberg has always built his core base of customers through the internet. This is where he has been able to shine the brightest and actually build a slew of companies that together are worth over a billion dollars. He knows that he has a good amount of customers that are going to appreciate what he is doing, but he wants to become acquainted with the other crowd of consumers that do not know about his business at It has taken a very long time for Adam Goldenberg to get to the place where he is in the business world. He knows that his online Market is valuable, but he is working diligently with Kate Hudson to acquire more customers to take interest in an offline brick and mortar store. This is what he is doing with Fabletics, and he hopes that there are lots of people in place to patronize the business that he is trying to transition with the community of customers that shop offline.

Adam Goldenberg has been able to become an effective entrepreneur because he is aware of what it takes to market to women. He knows how to acquire customers because he has built several businesses with similar blueprints.

White Shark Media Bites the Competition as One of America’s Fastest-Growing Marketing Companies

White Shark Media is one of the leading digital marketing companies in North America, which produces affordable solutions specifically for small and medium businesses. On the White Shark website, CEO and co-founder Alexander Nygart credits much of their success to their unique business model: providing a combination of domestic and international service spread across three countries with a fully bilingual employee base.

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media is the brainchild of three Danish entrepreneurs: Alexander Nygart, Gary Garth, and Andrew Lolk. All three have extensive experience in both traditional and digital marketing and they have made it their goal to a provide quality product with outstanding customer service, all at a fair price for small and medium businesses. Mr. Lolk, former Vice President of Fulfillment and current board member, came into the company after working with some of Denmark’s businesses to grow their paid search programs. With over twenty years of experience in marketing, including work developing Radio NRJ’s Danish division’s media agency program, Mr. Garth has been a successful entrepreneur his entire adult life, making him uniquely qualified to hold the position of Chief Business Development Officer. Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nygart was been successfully involved in several entrepreneurial and sales opportunities before co-founding White Shark.

In 2012, only one year after White Shark’s founding, Google recognized the massive growth potential of the company and invited them to Google Headquarters, providing the company with a designated support team. That close relationship between Google and White Shark has continued, with White Shark being awarded Google AdWords SMB Premier Partnership in 2014, making them only one of 29 companies that have received this recognition in the United States. White Shark is also a Bing Ads Authorized Reseller, having been recognized by Microsoft for their success with small businesses.

Today, White Shark Media has over 150 employees and over 600 active clients according to, and Inc Magazine reports that White Shark has achieved an incredible three-year growth of 730%. The most important testimonials, however, come from White Shark’s many satisfied customers. One customer testimonial states that “White Shark Media has proven their worth month after month,” while another says that, a year after beginning work with White shark, they have “no regrets to date” about the quality of service the company has received, which was “a great job from the start.”

White Shark Media combines extensive marketing experience with stellar customer service tailored for small and medium businesses and has been recognized by Microsoft, Google, Inc Magazine, and most importantly of all its customers as a fast-growing and effective digital marketing company.


Sujit Choudhry Knows a Thing or Two About Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of Law who specializes in comparative constitutional law. His expertise in constitutional transitions has lead to him being called upon by many new democracies as a constitutional adviser. As an adviser his duties include helping countries and territories create new constitutions and make changes to existing ones.

Sujit Choudhry is a great adviser to have considering how messy constitutional transitions can be sometimes. With the amount of information we’ve gathered over the years pertaining to the subject it’s kind of hard to believe the amount of issues that arise during constitutional transitions. Choudhry took notice of this and came to the conclusion that so many problems have yet to be solved because there is still a large lack of knowledge. The Center for Constitutional Transitions was created to make constitutional advice more complete and effective. Related article on

Sujit Choudhry is the Founding Director of the first of its kind university based center. It was founded in 2012. The center supports constitution building by generating and mobilizing newfound knowledge. It produces evidence based policy options for decision makers. It has the unique approach of combining theory and practice, which in turn improves both.

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Choudhry’s educational background isn’t like most because of his constant travel. He possesses law degrees from esteemed institutions like the University of Toronto, the University of Oxford, and Harvard University. More to read on  What makes his educational background particularly odd is that each college he’s attended is in a different country. He has been the foreign exchange student several times.

Listen to Sujit sharing his views on thing on this podcast episode featuring him on

Recently Choudhry turned heads when he made the statement that America is about to face the greatest global challenge to liberal democratic constitutionalism since the World War II. Despite the boldness of the statement many of his colleagues and peers agree with him. If Choudhry is right America’s ability to learn from the mistakes of others will definitely come in handy in the near future.  For blog reading and updates, visit Sujit’s page.

For more of Sujit, visit his official website at

The Achievements of Troy McQuagge as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is known for its association with winners. Whether employees or its customers, everyone has something good to say about the company. Just the other day, everyone associated with USHEALTH Group had something to smile about as their chief executive officer, Troy McQuagge was honored as the Gold Winner. According to a recent publication by the company’s website, Troy McQuagge was recognized by awards known as the One Planet Awards for his role as the leader of the company. For this reason, he was named as the chief executive of the year. The company said that it was thrilled on his behalf for his achievements.

To those who don’t know what the One Planet Awards are, they are awards that recognize professionals who have performed exemplary well each year at different categories. They also do not discriminate on any industry as they have an award for every industry. Being a globally recognized award, the One Planet Awards are not limited to United States nationals, and they can be awarded to anyone from across the globe. Also, the awards accept nominations from all kinds of organizations. This means that small companies can apply, big companies or companies that are just being established can also apply. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the company is public or private. Finally, non-governmental organizations, profit organizations and nonprofit organizations are also encouraged to apply for these prestigious awards.

Troy McQuagge has been with the USHEALTH Group long enough to understand every detail concerning the operations of the firm. He joined the institution in the year 2010. Among his first tasks when he joined the firm was to build the USHEALTH Advisors which happens to be the distribution agency of the USHEALTH Group. His first success was recorded in retooling this agency, and more followed. His success with the re-tooling brought him to the limelight, and he was unanimously voted as the chief executive officer and president of the company. This was back in the year 2014.

Troy McQuagge acknowledged the gesture of awarding the award to him and insisted that the award cannot be his alone. He posited that the award belonged to everyone associated with the USHEALTH Group. He says that the development and success that USHEALTH Group enjoys in a competitive world cannot be achieved by a single individual acknowledging the effort that was chipped by other people within the firm. He says that everyone played a unique role in one way or the other.The USHEALTH Group that Troy McQuagge serves is a company that specializes with health insurance needs of many Americans. The company has a track record in offering exceptional services that cannot be matched by their competitors.

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ClassDojo Will Soon Be Adding Freemium Content And Features

There may not be an app that has become as revolutionary in schools as ClassDojo. ClassDojo may not come across as anything dazzling when you look at its interface, but perhaps its simplicity is what has made it special for teachers and students alike. ClassDojo is also completely free to download and use, and doesn’t require filling out long forms or getting the entire school to register for it. Teachers and administrators can simply choose to use it on an individual basis. ClassDojo is however working on some “freemium” content, which means the app and its basic uses will remain free, but you will have the opportunity to purchase extra features for a small price. Likely included in the upcoming freemium content will be more instructional videos to add to the series that ClassDojo has already put out about student mindset growth.


ClassDojo was founded by two graduate students, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary who became interested in creating an app that would change classroom culture. Originally, they wanted it to be about encouraging good behavior among students, so they created a points system on the app to do so. Gradually, they saw how much more potential it could have as more of a classroom social media app, but one that would have parents and teachers heavily involved in class activities. So they started adding features such as student stories, texting from teachers to parents and other reminders and alerts for class assignments. With all the communication features that have made their way to the app, parents and teachers are no longer having to schedule parent teacher meetings.


Don and Chaudhary have taken a unique approach to this app. The app has received plenty of venture capital and investor offerings, but Don and Chaudhary have not spent any of it on advertising. They’ve decided to let teachers and parents tell others about it, and thus far it’s worked as the app has become widely used not just in the US and the UK, but in many other countries. Don and Chaudhary have also addressed privacy concerns by not selling any personal data to data mining companies or for commercial purposes, and they’ve spent a lot of money to upgrade security features and protect data.

Yanni Hufnagel: The Coach To The Best In College Basketball

Yanni Hufnagel is one of the most distinguished members of the American basketball scene, as he has coached some of the biggest teams that play. He is a coach to some of the best American college teams and has led numerous of them to victory. The American college basketball scene is something that is growing faster than anyone ever expected, which is why people like Yanni Hufnagel are looked up to so much. Last year, Yanni Hufnagel made a huge leap in his career as a college basketball coach, when he was signed on to the Wolfpack, which is the college basketball team from the University of Nevada. Yanni Hufnagel took over as the assistant coach to the nine-time championship winning team and now works in close collaboration with their head coach, Eric Musselman.


Being a college basketball coach for so many years, Yanni Hufnagel has an incredible amount of experience working with students. He also has a great eye for spotting new talent and is known to find some of the season’s best players and groom them to excel on the court. He has worked with some of the biggest and most prestigious colleges in the country. His first job as a college basketball coach was working at Harvard University, coaching the team there. He was known for picking out unconventional talent, which is why the university performed so well at the championships. He then went on to work at the University of California, Berkeley for a while.


It was soon after leaving the University of California that Yanni Hufnagel started getting numerous offers by teams which wanted him to be their coach. The University of Nevada had seen an incredible amount of success over the years and were regarded as one of the top teams which are why Yanni chose this particular college to continue his coaching career.

Goettl’s Tips and Tricks on How to Improve the Effectiveness of HVAC Systems

As the summer approaches, you do not have to break the bank to keep your house comfortable and cool. There are several tricks you can adopt to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system.


Goettl, a Las Vegas-based air conditioning company, is on the verge of helping people get the most out of their HVAC systems. According to the company’s experts, one of the ways of maximizing air conditioners is by replacing worn out insulators. One should also seal cracks and gaps in the house with caulk.


  1. Installing HVAC Systems in Cool Places


Goettl experts emphasize the need for conditioners to be kept in the shade. They also urge people to keep thermostats a distance away from heat. As a homeowner, you can also apply tint film on the windows to reflect heat.


  1. Adjusting the Thermostat


Thermostats can be set below 78 degrees to save energy and increase efficiency. This is because once the thermostat reading is below 78 degrees; an increase in energy use of 8 percent is usually recorded. You should also opt for a programmable thermostat because of its ease of use. A programmable temperature regulator can be operated from a smartphone wirelessly.


  1. Replacing Air Filters


HVAC devices have filters to regulate the quality of air that enters a room. During summer, these filters are clogged with dust and other invasive particles. Filters need to be inspected every month and replaced if the old ones are filled with dust.


About Goettl


Goettl is a nationwide leader air conditioning and heating systems. The company’s success tale dates back in 1926 when the Goettl brothers came up with an HVAC company based in Mansfield, Ohio. They later relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and facilitated the growth of Goettl through the production and distribution of evaporative coolers. Today, Ken Goodrich runs the company, and it has over 100 patents in heating and cooling technologies.


Mr. Vincent Parascandola: a Globally Respected Financial Professional and Business Leader

Mr. Vincent Parascandola is a native of the Greater New York City Area, and the executive VP of the distinguished AXA U.S. Mr. Vincent Parascandola has published a document about AXA Advisors Disclosure and has diverse skills in asset management, estate planning, financial services, and retirement planning.

Mr. Parascandola’s academics and career history

Mr. Parascandola is a proud holder of a computer science course from the Pace University-Lubin School of Business. He has also held career talks in this college on various occasions. Mr. Parascandola was also a student at the Xaverian HS School. He has been in the financial industry since 1986 when he initiated his career at Irving Trust Company. In this particular company, he worked as a systems analyst for two years before joining Prudential Insurance as an agent.

Mr. Parascandola role at the MONY Group and AXA Corporation

Within the two years he worked at Prudential, he developed a great interest in finance, which led him to take up a position at The MONY Group in the 90s. Mr. Parascandola worked for the MONY Group for fifteen years and held numerous supervisory positions. Some of the designations he held include financial professional, sales manager, managing director, and field vice president. In 2005, he left the MONY Group and assumed the position of VP at the AXA Equitable Group. Two years later, he took up the president post at the Advantage Group and this expanded his scope of supervisory duties. For twelve months, he managed and supervised the company’s activities while mentoring the junior officers of the company.

In 2009, Mr. Parascandola became the president of the Northern Division. This post allowed him to move around the country, managing the company’s operations in the Northern region. Mr. Parascandola’s efforts became popular in the company, and he became the chair of AXA Equitable in 2009. As the senior officer of the company, he was responsible for managing other branches in Hawaii and California. His roles revolved around recruitment, compliance, and management development. Mr. Parascandola’s current role enables him to mentor more than 225 financial professionals. He is tasked to improve the company’s productivity and maintain the profit margins at an acceptable threshold. Mr. Parascandola currently operates out of his New Jersey’s office.

Samuel Strauch Describes Some Top Suburbs in the USA for Millenials

Samuel Strauch is a real estate manager and investor who works at Metrik Real Estate. Mr. Strauch studied business, finance and management at Hofstra, Harvard and Erasmus universities. He is the primary principal at Metrik Real Estate, which manages properties in Florida and abroad in Central and South America.

On May 19th, Norcal.News published an article by Samuel Strauch where he detailed some of the United States’ best suburban communities to live in for young couples and professionals. His article included a top ten list of suburban communities. Some of the notable suburban communities were found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the San Jose, California area. Below is a brief synopsis of Strauch’s description of some of these top suburban communities. Via Twitter.

Samuel Strauch says that Dallas, Texas has an average home price of just over half a million dollars. He says that this relatively high cost of home ownership is making many young couples think that they may be better of settling down in a different city or metro area. Samuel Strauch says that if home prices in Dallas are too high for you, you can consider moving to a suburb of Dallas called Wylie. This community has home prices that are over a quarter less expensive than in Dallas. Plus, Wylie is to easy to commute from, has low crime and is a peaceful suburban neighborhood without the noise of a big city. Click here to know more.

San Jose is one of the most expensive cities to own a home in. The average going price for a home these days is well over a million dollars. Many young people in the market to buy a home are instead looking elsewhere. One of the top choices for young professionals is a town called Milpitas. Its average home price is closer to $850,000. With mass transit and more housing on the way, Milpitas looking like an up and coming and more affordable housing option.

A good fight with Dr. Clay Siegall

Since establishing Seattle Genetic in 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall has driven the firm to the pinnacle of the focused on treatment industry, building up the primary FDA-affirmed counteracting agent sedate conjugate, which now has different endorsed signs, and in addition building up a powerful pipeline of more than 20 drugs and a string of vital organizations with medication makers including Bayer, Genentech, Pfizer and numerous others.


With a constantly extending rundown of medications in the advancement pipeline and a steadily expanding number of potential signs for the organization’s current medication portfolio, Seattle Genetics is very much situated to move into the 21st century sedate improvement industry with specialist. As the esteem and viability of focused treatments moves toward becoming clearer in the decades to come, Dr. Siegall trusts that the treatments of old will be supplanted by the significantly more bearable and immensely more compelling focused on medications. The primary, clearly, is offering our own, exclusive medications.We do on that medication, ADCetris, and we’ll have restrictiveness on that for many years. Just around 1 in 10 applicant medications are at last affirmed.What’s more, the medication producers need to foot the whole bill.


Dr. Clay Siegall, is one of the fathers of Seattle Genetics. The eighteen year old company has since paved the way to remarkable findings in Cancer therapy based with Antibodies. Dr. Siegall’s professional life has beens spent bringing research and resources to the plight of cancer survivors.


Dr. Seigall is a top contributor in Science, targeting therapies in Cancer treatment. The Dr. initiates promising ideas and programs in Oncology. He serves on boards such as Mirma Therapeutics, and brings to the table up generated ideas about cancer research to propel their mission forward. Together, Mirma and Dr. Seigal strive to empower Oncology patients fulfilling unmet needs and bringing about awareness to the ongoing fight for a cure.