ClassDojo Will Soon Be Adding Freemium Content And Features

There may not be an app that has become as revolutionary in schools as ClassDojo. ClassDojo may not come across as anything dazzling when you look at its interface, but perhaps its simplicity is what has made it special for teachers and students alike. ClassDojo is also completely free to download and use, and doesn’t require filling out long forms or getting the entire school to register for it. Teachers and administrators can simply choose to use it on an individual basis. ClassDojo is however working on some “freemium” content, which means the app and its basic uses will remain free, but you will have the opportunity to purchase extra features for a small price. Likely included in the upcoming freemium content will be more instructional videos to add to the series that ClassDojo has already put out about student mindset growth.


ClassDojo was founded by two graduate students, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary who became interested in creating an app that would change classroom culture. Originally, they wanted it to be about encouraging good behavior among students, so they created a points system on the app to do so. Gradually, they saw how much more potential it could have as more of a classroom social media app, but one that would have parents and teachers heavily involved in class activities. So they started adding features such as student stories, texting from teachers to parents and other reminders and alerts for class assignments. With all the communication features that have made their way to the app, parents and teachers are no longer having to schedule parent teacher meetings.


Don and Chaudhary have taken a unique approach to this app. The app has received plenty of venture capital and investor offerings, but Don and Chaudhary have not spent any of it on advertising. They’ve decided to let teachers and parents tell others about it, and thus far it’s worked as the app has become widely used not just in the US and the UK, but in many other countries. Don and Chaudhary have also addressed privacy concerns by not selling any personal data to data mining companies or for commercial purposes, and they’ve spent a lot of money to upgrade security features and protect data.