The Achievements of Troy McQuagge as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is known for its association with winners. Whether employees or its customers, everyone has something good to say about the company. Just the other day, everyone associated with USHEALTH Group had something to smile about as their chief executive officer, Troy McQuagge was honored as the Gold Winner. According to a recent publication by the company’s website, Troy McQuagge was recognized by awards known as the One Planet Awards for his role as the leader of the company. For this reason, he was named as the chief executive of the year. The company said that it was thrilled on his behalf for his achievements.

To those who don’t know what the One Planet Awards are, they are awards that recognize professionals who have performed exemplary well each year at different categories. They also do not discriminate on any industry as they have an award for every industry. Being a globally recognized award, the One Planet Awards are not limited to United States nationals, and they can be awarded to anyone from across the globe. Also, the awards accept nominations from all kinds of organizations. This means that small companies can apply, big companies or companies that are just being established can also apply. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the company is public or private. Finally, non-governmental organizations, profit organizations and nonprofit organizations are also encouraged to apply for these prestigious awards.

Troy McQuagge has been with the USHEALTH Group long enough to understand every detail concerning the operations of the firm. He joined the institution in the year 2010. Among his first tasks when he joined the firm was to build the USHEALTH Advisors which happens to be the distribution agency of the USHEALTH Group. His first success was recorded in retooling this agency, and more followed. His success with the re-tooling brought him to the limelight, and he was unanimously voted as the chief executive officer and president of the company. This was back in the year 2014.

Troy McQuagge acknowledged the gesture of awarding the award to him and insisted that the award cannot be his alone. He posited that the award belonged to everyone associated with the USHEALTH Group. He says that the development and success that USHEALTH Group enjoys in a competitive world cannot be achieved by a single individual acknowledging the effort that was chipped by other people within the firm. He says that everyone played a unique role in one way or the other.The USHEALTH Group that Troy McQuagge serves is a company that specializes with health insurance needs of many Americans. The company has a track record in offering exceptional services that cannot be matched by their competitors.

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Samuel Strauch Describes Some Top Suburbs in the USA for Millenials

Samuel Strauch is a real estate manager and investor who works at Metrik Real Estate. Mr. Strauch studied business, finance and management at Hofstra, Harvard and Erasmus universities. He is the primary principal at Metrik Real Estate, which manages properties in Florida and abroad in Central and South America.

On May 19th, Norcal.News published an article by Samuel Strauch where he detailed some of the United States’ best suburban communities to live in for young couples and professionals. His article included a top ten list of suburban communities. Some of the notable suburban communities were found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the San Jose, California area. Below is a brief synopsis of Strauch’s description of some of these top suburban communities. Via Twitter.

Samuel Strauch says that Dallas, Texas has an average home price of just over half a million dollars. He says that this relatively high cost of home ownership is making many young couples think that they may be better of settling down in a different city or metro area. Samuel Strauch says that if home prices in Dallas are too high for you, you can consider moving to a suburb of Dallas called Wylie. This community has home prices that are over a quarter less expensive than in Dallas. Plus, Wylie is to easy to commute from, has low crime and is a peaceful suburban neighborhood without the noise of a big city. Click here to know more.

San Jose is one of the most expensive cities to own a home in. The average going price for a home these days is well over a million dollars. Many young people in the market to buy a home are instead looking elsewhere. One of the top choices for young professionals is a town called Milpitas. Its average home price is closer to $850,000. With mass transit and more housing on the way, Milpitas looking like an up and coming and more affordable housing option.

Eric Pulier Moves Into Venture Capital Funding And vAtomic Systems

Eric Pulier has spent most of his career engineering new computer software and virtual systems, and now he’s moved into venture capital investing and has founded a brand new company, vAtomic Systems. This company is a seed funder for solutions that use gaming technology in business disruptor apps. Pulier got the idea for this company by seeing how Uber has changed many markets and also seeing how Bitcoin blockchain technology is growing. Pulier also works with the XPrize Foundation, an organized competition for young scientists and entrepreneurs directed at addressing energy, climate change, space exploration and other facets of science.

Eric Pulier came onto the IT entrepreneurship scene in 1994 several years after graduating with a bachelor’s in literature from Harvard University. He started with an interactive media agency that endeavored to take the emerging internet usage beyond simply web design to using graphics, gaming and other programming to build advanced software. That company was known as Digital Evolution and clients that came to Digital Evolution included Intel, Lexus and Warner Bros. In 1998 Digital Evolution was bought by US Interactive, and just before the merger Pulier was chosen to head then President Bill Clinton’s Presidential Technology Exhibition which displayed how the internet would evolve in the coming years, and Pulier showed a live demonstration of video going up to the space shuttle.


Pulier earned the Top 30 recognition of CRN’s VAR Business eVisionaries, and in the coming years he started turning his focus to emerging virtual desktop and cloud technologies. He had also teamed up with Starbright World in 1998 to bring live streaming and social media to children’s hospitals as well as interactive simulations that showed how medicines counteracted diseases. In the coming years he had several projects taken on that changed how enterprise technology was run, including changing his company’s name to Akana and building service-oriented architecture. Pulier wrote the book Understanding Enterprise SOA during this time. He later developed Desktone, an application that could run a desktop inside an active computer, and it later set the stage for VMware’s virtual machines. And finally Pulier developed one of the most advanced cloud enterprise systems known as ServiceMesh that was acquired by the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Capital Group is Seeing Steady Growth Under the Leadership of Their New CEO

Timothy Armour recently did a commentary for an article that was published on CNBC’s website regarding a bet that Warren Buffett had for $1 million against several top hedge fund managers. He thought that his passive index investments in the S&P 500 would surpass the competition’s returns. The money would be donated to charity which ended up taking place after he won the bet. However, Timothy Armour does not recommend that the average American that is investing to retire or is already retired use that strategy. He says that there is no protection from the volatility of the market when it comes to passive index funds.

Timothy Armour is the CEO of Capital Group and has spent his entire professional career working with the company from the ground up. After college, he entered the Associate’s Program and went on to eventually hold most of the executive positions in the company. Early on, he was involved with telecommunications and U.S. service companies. Timothy Armour was also an investment analyst. He was elected CEO after the previous CEO died unexpectedly in 2015. He has been able to create tremendous growth with the company and has a very in-depth knowledge of every aspect of Capital Group. He is also an investment portfolio manager which puts him in an active role in the actual everyday business transactions as well as executive duties.

Timothy Armour achieved his BS from Middlebury College before working with Capital Group. He is currently active in all capacities with the company. Capital Group is seeing tremendous growth across the globe under the capable leadership of Timothy Armour.


More College Graduates Means More Prosperity For All

Senior students at Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School have until the end of February each year to apply for the Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship is offered annually by Keith Mann, an executive at Dynamics Executive Search. He began this yearly-funded award of up to $5,000 to help one student, who has shown himself or herself to be deserving, and yet is of a low income and so could probably not attend college without the money. Mann emphatically believes that increasing the college graduate rate goes hand-in-hand with improving all aspects of our nation’s economy.

Those Uncommon School seniors who fill out an application for the scholarship must also write an original, 1,000 word essay and include it with the application. The subject of the essay is how they personally plan to spend the money to insure success in completing college and obtaining a degree. New York and New Jersey have 44 Uncommon Charter High School chapters located throughout their cities. Over 14,000 high school students attend these schools, where Mann has personally done personal mentoring with many of the students.

He is most-appreciated at the Uncommon School. There, Counselor Joe Frick voiced his appreciation for Mann’s generous gift. He also pointed out how valuable Mann’s time is and that he had often spent time helping individual students at the Uncommon School. Frick was stunned with the new scholarship award. He feels it will help encourage other donors to do likewise, further increasing the number of college graduates coming out of this very special charter school.

Keith Mann founded Dynamics Executive Search 15 years ago as a go-to firm to assist companies looking to fill an executive job opening. Dynamics Executive has always specialized in finding the right match for Finance office positions, especially. The company’s headquarters are in the United States, but Mann has now opened offices in both Asia and Europe. They are somewhat famous for working with candidates that may have most of the necessary skills, yet are still lacking in some particular area. Mann makes sure some time and attention is spent on helping the candidates update knowledge and shore up any missing skills with retraining. Mann lives in Brooklyn, New York.