Dental Practice Support Without Micromanaging Clinical Care Is New The Reality

MB2 Dental Solutions offers a suite of services for dental practices and solo practitioners who are seeking new methods to make their practice more efficient, without sacrificing their patient’s standard of care. According to MB2 Dental Solutions’ About Us page, dentists maintain their clinical independence; affiliated dentists simply receive assistance with tedious administrative tasks associated with practice management that keep practitioners busy, without bringing in income. Since MB2 is a practice management firm created by a dentist, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, patients always come first.


If you are a dentist who is overwhelmed with setting up accounting and billing procedures and marketing your practice, or you are outsourcing these jobs to various vendors, becoming affiliated with MB2 Dental will simplify your professional life. Enjoy less stress when a dental practice service provider handles all of the non-clinical work that is necessary to operate a successful, fully-compliant practice. Imagine having IT support for software implementation, disaster recovery and tech-related services which keep your office running smoothly, without the hassle and expense of obtaining on-site or virtual computer support. Since MB2 Dental serves more than 60 affiliated practices, the dental management firm’s buying power reduces administrative costs, as well as ensuring affiliated practices can purchase supplies at unbeatable prices. One of the major areas where MB2 Dental Solutions benefits dental practices is in the marketing department. Marketing involves research to determine the best practices for each business growth goal, such as showcasing a new specialty or driving local traffic, and these are areas where the MB2 Dental marketing team excels. For newly establishes dental practices, the dental management firm will help with spreading the word to your new community, including direct mail flyers, in addition to lease negotiation and office set up assistance.


When IdeaMensch interviewed Dr. Villanueva, he mentioned how excited he was to find technology playing a major part in dental practices, which is an area where his firm play a major role in easing affiliated practice’s headaches. He also talks about his worst job; working at a practice where a non-clinician called the shots, who was a person who put profits, not quality care, first.