End Citizen’s Involvement In The 2016 United States National Campaign To Increase Liberalism In The Political Arena

End Citizens United is a politically inclined organization supported with the financial contributions of grass root donors. The Union has a mission to end the devastating effects of the Citizens United organization and transform the financing system of campaigns. The movement involves showing the public the candidates, elected officials, voters, and media that the grass root participants fight back. End Citizen United’s ultimate goal is to terminate the possibility of billionaires buying out elections and reform the laws of campaign financing through legal measures. The organization slowly changes the current political dynamics by electing finance reform candidates and passing new state laws. By following through with their mission, End Citizen will overturn Citizens United, end Dark Money and control the unlimited money in politics. End Citizen was officially launched in 2016 and made clear its intention of reforming the laws on secure.actblue.com that govern the party’s financial dynamics by recruiting veteran Democratic participants and raising funds through sponsors and grass root movements supporting their mission.

By October 2015, End Citizens United had a raised 2 million dollars from small contributors. In 2016, the group’s goal was to reverse the 2010 court decision. The Supreme Court’s ruling that gave power to the Super PACS by explaining that power belonged to the people, hence giving way to the wave of dark money in political affairs. After one month of announcing the motion, 325,000 US citizens signed the petition of demanding the Congress to pass the legislation. End Citizens United has received 136,000 donations and massive grass root support with an average donation amounting to 14.86 dollars. During the 2016 national campaigns, the number doubled due to support from the Ready for Hillary team and 11 Democratic candidates. The Ready for Hilary team rented out its emails of 4 million people to reach out to prospective liberal supporters on Facebook. End Citizen heavily backs Democratic candidates due to the party’s full dedication to overturning the disastrous rulings of the Supreme Court.

Richard Carbo, the group’s communication director, stated that the group was a revolutionary team with a focus of electing candidates that would change the existing laws. The candidates for End Citizen support financial reforms and oppose Citizens United and other dark money associations on Opensecrets.org. The group’s biggest obstacle is the constitutional amendment process which requires the Senate, two-thirds of the House and three-fourths of the states to win the consent of a new law. John Wonderlich, the political director of Sunlight Foundation, said that the mission is an uphill battle for all participants, especially since the United States hasn’t passed any constitutional amendments since 1992. Carbo argued that End Citizen’s access to millions of cash could allow the group to buy a significant amount of ads that could significantly impact a House race. End Citizen backs its campaign candidates by purchasing television ads, and direct mailing and polling.