Rona Borre Demonstrates What Success Really Is

Rona Borre is the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based staffing company. She started the company in a spare bedroom of her condo after quitting her high-paying job as an account executive with another staffing company. She decided that she could do better and she has.

Instant Alliance is today, one of the fastest-growing staffing and recruiting companies in the country and works with major Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized companies, and smaller firms helping them to hire the best employees available.

Borre is energetic and direct when it comes to working with a company to place key employees. She primarily searches for financial and technological candidates, because these are the types of people growing companies need when they are striving to make it to the next level.

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Borre and her group don’t waste time pouring over thousands of resumes like the competition, but they get to know the leadership team of the hiring company very well. They find out who and what kind of person will fit into the corporate culture and then they don’t rest until they find that one person who will fit.  Check for related article.

The evidence that this approach works is shown in the 1 percent turnover of employees hires by Instant Alliance over the years.

Rona Borre is very active in the Chicago business community and is sought after to speak at many civic functions and organizations.

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