Desiree Perez Helps Tidal Gain Composure

People were excited about Tidal when this streaming service surfaced. It was a thrill to see artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Madonna, Usher, Alicia Keys and more come together all for the sake of single music streaming service. It was something that showed a new concept where artists would get paid the appropriate compensation for the streaming of their music. This was the intention of the primary investor – Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter – and the idea seems like a good one. There was a small problem with that though. There was competition, and the competition was fierce.

Tidal may have been the first music streaming service that was controlled by the artists on, but it was not the first music streaming service in general. Pandora was already established. Spotify was on the verge of becoming a music streaming juggernaut. It might be safe to say that this company surfaced during a time when the barriers to entry were higher than ever before. It also did not help to have a management team where two chief executive officers left in the course of two years. The company seemed to be destined for an unfortunate path to disaster, but Jay-Z had the insight to hire Desiree Perez. She would prove to be the force that would help Tidal gain strength and pull in more registered users.

What Dez Perez has managed to do is bring forth some big business deals with marketing and promotion. She knows how to implement the strategies that have made people come to Tidal. This has been done with the exclusive releases of albums through the Tidal app. There are people that are signing up because the roster that is linked to Tidal is connected to the big names.

Beyonce dropped an exclusive release here. Kanye West dropped an exclusive app. There are even exclusive videos that are linked to the title app. That is what Desiree Perez is orchestrating in the background. She has the mindset to get the Tidal app noticed. Even when it seems like there was no room for this company, Perez stepped in and made Tidal a force to be reckoned with. That shows her marketing genius, but it also shows something else: excellent leadership from Jay-Z.

Jay-Z knew that there would be some challenges with this app, but he invested close to $50 million in the business anyway. He believed in his vision.