Israeli-American Businessman, Adam Milstein Completes Interview With Ideamensch

Businessman, Adam Milstein was asked by Ideamensch who is a figure in his life that greatly influenced him and that he looks up to. Mr. Milstein responded by saying that he has a lot of respect for his colleague, David Hager. Mr. Hager founded the firm where Adam Milstein now works in and he helped him obtain a position at his company.


Adam Milstein admires David Hager because he says he is clever and he also understands psychology and uses it in the work place. Mr. Milstein also says that Hager is a great forward thinker and seems to be always one step ahead in business. David Hager also has a good grip on world events and economic developments, which is absolutely crucial for success in the real estate business.


Another question that Adam Milstein was asked was what is a book that he has recently finished reading and he recommends to the Ideamensch community. Mr. Milstein said that he enjoyed and recommends reading the book called And The Good News Is that is written by Fox News host Dana Perino. Milstein says the book can help people realize that nothing in life is as terrible as it may seem at first. The book is autobiographical, but also contains a lot of wisdom and advice. It addresses things such as how to become more productive, more responsible, and ultimately more happy and content with the life you have.


Mr. Adam Milstein was also asked what is a software program or online service that he uses in his business and what does he like most about it. A software program that Milstein uses at work often is Constant Contact. Mr. Milstein says he loves the fact that it makes it easy to manage a list of over ten thousand professional contacts.


Adam Milstein works in the capacity as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. In his position of managing partner Mr. Milstein oversees Hager Pacific’s financial, property management and disposition activities. Mr. Milstein works from and lives in Encino, California. He is also the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is a major charitable foundation.