A Close Look at Renowned Businessman and Politician Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Seasoned business person Jose Manuel Gonzalez hails from Venezuela. With profound experience in the Venezuelan public sector, politics and agriculture which are his primary specialization, Jose Manuel Gonzalez has cut out a name for himself as a remarkable entrepreneur. His expertise has seen him serve as the head to the Federation of the Venezuelan chamber of commerce.
Born In 1966, success is nothing new to Manuel. He currently acts as the Deputy to the national assembly of the Guárico states. During his speeches, he has continuously emphasized the need for leaders and not just politicians as he believes that leaving Venezuela to the fate of politicians is dismal. Mr. Manuel is a leader in his right committed to improve the future of the Venezuelan people.
Gonzalez has exceptional agricultural expertise and knowledge that he has over the years used to promote food security. He attributes poor governance to be the main reason for food insecurity in Venezuela. Currently, the state imports most of its agricultural products while some farmers smuggle them into the country. Farmers have no motivation since their products are paid so little by the government which has been neither supportive nor responsive in adapting to new ideas. Gonzalez has a way of making the government work for its people. He has continuously pinpointed the need to solve the agricultural situation in the country.
Venezuela has seen a ton of leaders who only make promises. Gonzalez believes time is up for such leaders. He believes he can transform how the country ought to run by providing a balance between the government and the political system. He is also of the opinion that his knowledge could be of use if only it is shared. He derives inspiration from great nations such as the USA.
Given a chance to participate in the government, Gonzalez believes he can provide better leadership. He is also committed to bringing the government to all individuals. As a business person, he has the right skills to do this; skills that one seeking to offer mere politics would find it hard to understand.