Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory Present a Great Program

Launching a startup requires an enormous amount of effort and equal amounts of self-confidence. Not all startups have it easy during their initial months or even first couple of years. Looking for advice and seeking help from those who know more than a little bit about startups definitely would not hurt. Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory can help certain innovative new endeavors based in Switzerland. The firm may even be able to advise on the management of investment funding, which is surely going to support a startup’s launch and continued success.

Mike Baur comes to the Swiss Start Up Factory by way of the banking industry. Experience with financial institutions certainly is going to be an asset to the Factory and to clients alike.

The Swiss Startup Factory deals with digital technology enterprises and is dubbed a “startup accelerator“. In essence, this means the firm is able to help startups more quickly achieve their greatest potential. The company does this through a very unique three-month program that combines a great many different areas of support. Coaching and mentoring are two of the service provided. Both of which are sure to be extremely helpful.

Many startup entrepreneurs have a strong idea they want to make a reality and bring the realized project to the market. Concrete steps have to be taken to achieve this result. With the right guidance, avoiding missteps becomes more likely and a better path to success can be charted. Swiss Startup Factory does its best to help deliver the right guidance.

Interestingly, the Swiss Startup Factory offers shared office space for those who enter the three-month program. The office space is located in Zurich, the heart of Switzerland’s business district. Zurich is also a global hub in which domestic entrepreneurs can connect with people from other parts of the world. The proper office space can do a lot for a new business’ success. When the company is working in an office environment under mentorship supervision, this is even better. The Swiss Startup Factory delivers these features thanks to the vision and management of Mike Baur.